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The journal “Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Ural-Volga Region Peoples”

The journal “Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Ural-Volga Region Peoples” publishes original works devoted to ethno-historical and ethnocultural processes in the Ural-Volga region, as well as to the peoples and regions associated with this territory. 

The editorial policy of the journal is aimed at presenting the results of the study of ethnohistorical and ethno-cultural processes among the Finno-Ugric, Slavic and Turkic peoples in the Ural-Volga region. Special attention is paid to the Udmurt culture and the interaction of the Udmurt ethnic group with other peoples. Priority is given to original research in the field of history, ethnology, archeology, philology and literary studies, culture and art. The journal also publishes articles on the peoples and regions associated with various contacts with the Ural-Volga region. Interdisciplinary and comparative papers are welcome.

The journal has the following sections:

  • History (history, ethnology / ethnography, archeology)
  • Philology (linguistics, folklore, literary criticism)
  • Culture and art
  • Reviews
  • Scientific chronicle

The purpose of the journal is to create a platform for discussion for specialists in these fields of knowledge.

The publication is free. All articles undergo mandatory blind review by leading experts on the subject of the article as well as an examination for plagiarism and autoplagiarism.

The founder is FSBIS “Udmurt Federal Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences” (UdmFRС UB RAS). Address: 426067, Izhevsk, T. Baramzina str., 34

The publisher is the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature UdmFRС UB RAS. Address: 426004, Izhevsk, Lomonosova St. 4

The journal is represented in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), in the scientific electronic libraries elibrary.ru and “Cyberleninka”, the Google Academy (scholar.google.ru), has the impact factor of the RSCI.

Since 2020 articles in the journal are assigned with the DOI index.

Articles and materials should be sent to the address: iknup@mail.ru (Denis Arkadievich Chernienko, Candidate of Historical Sciences, editor-in-chief; Nikolai Mityukov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, editor-in-chief).

Editorial office address: 426004, Izhevsk, Lomonosova St. 4, Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature UdmFRС UB RAS 

The journal is published twice a year (June and December).